Special Services for your Fine Jewelry

    K&IRÈNE will always provide the most professional polishing and repair service for your K&IRÈNE jewelry. Master craftsmen will carefully inspect your jewelry and share the brand's strict quality standards and recommended processes with you.

    Polishing Service

    Performed by K&IRÈNE's professional polishers, this service includes appraisal, polishing and cleaning. Periodic rhodium plating will help to enhance the brightness and brilliance of platinum jewelry.

    Adjustment Service

    K&IRÈNE's skilled craftsmen provide adjustment services for your fine jewelry to ensure that every piece fits you just right. This may include reshaping or resizing, adding links or adjusting earrings. This service carefully adheres to the original meticulous design of each piece.

    Customization Service

    Every K&IRÈNE customer has access to our personalized service for made-to-measure jewelry. Transform a special event into an unforgettable and touching one, reward yourself or someone special, send a clear message to a loved one, a father, a child, a sibling – there are countless occasions that deserve extra attention! Our experts are at your service.